Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Winter is coming!


In the not altogether distant future...

Really it is...

Even if it was 30 degrees celsius today.
Colour is a bit off - truer in the other shots
I figured I'd best start my knitting early this year in preparation for the frosty months. See the problem with waiting 'til it's cold is that by then it's simply too late. Especially if you're not an altogether quick knitter. My first sweater knit last year was ready for about 2 weeks of cold weather before Spring set in. Ummm..... yep.

So this year I decided to start with a few small projects in these warm summer months. No big mass of adult human-sized sweater resting in the lap on a sweltering day.

I'm featured on Pattern Review today!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Wow! How did that happen?

I have this sneaking suspicion that it is a random pick, but I'm going to enjoy my little moment of fame anyway.

Check it out, that's me in the side bar!!

Oh and I know I've been real quiet lately, but I have stuff to share. I just need time to take some photos. Life... it has a habit of getting in the way now and then.


Sunday, 9 February 2014

We interrupt regular programming to bring you this special episode of... Unselfish Sewing!!! (imagine one of those big Hollywood voice over voices).

Can I make a confession? I am a horrendously selfish sewer. Hell, who am I kidding? I'm an incredibly selfish knitter too.

I just can't get as excited about making things for others, as I do for making for myself. Especially for small people who outgrow clothes quicker than you can say "where on earth did my toddler go?" . It's just so thankless.

But when conversations start going like this...

Enter stage right... Me with a new piece of fabric/yarn

Miss M: Is that for me??

Me: Ummmmm... No.

Miss M: Who's it for then?

Me: Ummmmm.... Me.

Miss M: Again!!!!???? (said incredulously) just can't help but feel it's time to make someone else feel special


Monday, 3 February 2014


That's the sound my 1950 Singer Featherweight 221K AKA Miss Kitty, made as she sewed up these delicious 1950's shorts. So of course, they had to be named the "Miss Kitty" shorts.

This project has been a long time in the procrastinating planning. I purchased this lovely medium to heavy weight cotton sateen at The Fabric Store in Sydney last February at a Sydney Sewists Social. I then proceeded to prep the fabric and bury it place it safely in my very modest stash. I just wasn't feeling it...

But after my recent trip to The Fabric Store my interested was re-ignited, and the Miss Kitty shorts were born!

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