Sunday 20 December 2015

I swear this doesn't really look like a nightgown IRL. Not selling it? It's true!

I haven't worn a maxi skirt or dress in years and never really felt they were me. I find many maxi dresses swamp me in the most unflattering way. And maxi skirts are a trip hazard. Truly they are.

But then Tessuti released their Annie Dress pattern and rather than meh (my normal response to maxi anything) I thought hells yeah, bring that to the top of the queue. I knew straight away what fabric I would use. This fabulous linen (blend?) Funkis Stockholm Cityscape fabric I picked up recently from Pitt Trading. Funkis as in the clog people. The fabric was designed by Josefine Brodd and used in their SS2014 for a short-sleeved shift dress.

I think this fabric may be a blend as it has some sheeny fibres I don't normally associate with a straight linen, but it can take ironing on a high heat and creases like crazy (hello linen) so maybe not.


Thursday 10 December 2015

I feel that, creatively, 2015 has been my year.

I've made a blazer, a coat, perfectly fitting pants, a few special dresses, technical tights, and holy crap I made shoes!

What a year!

I feel like I completely came into my own. I figured out what works for me and my style and I completely nailed it. I made clothing I normally wouldn't have touched with a barge pole, because it was just too "complicated". I partially conquered my fear of knits. For goodness' sake I made shoes! I'm the happiest crafter I could be.

Then this...

Half naked me on the interwebs. You guys better appreciate this.

This is my latest conquering fears project - Lily Sage & Co's Splash Swimsuit bikini made up in the most divine Moroccan style print lycra ever. Yet another perfect swimwear lycra find at Pitt Trading. And a little internet digging revealed that it was used in Zimmermann's swimwear collection of Summer 2014. This fabric is truly delicious, behaving itself so well with a plush and buttery feel.


Sunday 22 November 2015

I tried to come up with a witty project title, I really did. But seriously... I MADE SHOES!

Real shoes.

Out of leather.


Thursday 19 November 2015

This is a special dress.

A dress as a tribute. A tribute to my father-in-law, Karel, who passed away suddenly and tragically a few weeks ago. This is not a sad post. This dress was made to attend a celebration of his life.

Karel got such a kick out of my me-mades. Always drawing attention to my makes when we were out and about together.


Tuesday 10 November 2015

If I could surround myself with Marimekko for the rest of my life, I'd be pretty happy.

Marimekko embodies so much of what I love. Scandinavian design, a vintage sensibility, bright clear colours, and "look at me" prints that just scream happy!

What's not to love?

These bold large prints are perfect for loose fitting garments cut simply to allow the fabric to truly be the star. I particularly love a trapeze shape for this type of fabric and I knew from the moment it was purchased that I'd be making it up thus.


Tuesday 22 September 2015

Ten years.

In two weeks time I'll have been married to my sweetheart for 10 years.

I can't believe how quickly it's gone by.

And we've been together for something like 20 years. Hoo-wee!


Saturday 5 September 2015

I might have snort laughed.

You see I inadvertently made my very own adult-sized pair of Bonds baby Roomies! Which is hilarious if you're me and you happened to dress your baby/toddler daughter in the coolest pair of chambray Roomies (essentially big butt pants) because they were adorable.

Maybe I was nostalgically channeling those pants because peeps this is not my normal silhouette.


Tuesday 1 September 2015

Careful. If you look too long at this baby it'll sear itself permanently upon your retinas.

Oh, but don't you just want to look?

At that gloriously amazing perfect geo bright fabric??

Or maybe it's just obnoxious... same same.


Saturday 22 August 2015

I am a disciple of denim.

To be more exact I am completely preoccupied with finding the perfect shade of indigo.

For me that's a deep clear indigo with a white weft (you know when the weave shows through slightly white?). Any other weft colour can make the blue look dirty or murky.

This denim is the perfect shade of indigo.

Secondly, I am obsessed with indigo blue skinny jeans (disturbingly swaying towards jeggings more and more). If I am not wearing lycra then, in winter at least, I will be found in my uniform of skinny jeans, boots/brogues and a cardigan or sweater.

This winter I wanted something a little different. Not a move away from denim, lord forbid, but maybe a different shape. In fact a shape completely at odds with the skinny silhouette.


Sunday 26 July 2015

I totes made activewear!

I totes feel compelled to use words like "totes" even though I am comfortably into my 40's. Whatevs! I totally made technical tights!

Tights of technical prowess. Lycra even! Python print and stretch floral lace! A second skin!

And let it be said they are goooooood.


Sunday 5 July 2015

Sometimes a fabric demands to be used even when you know it's not quite right.

I adored the burnished finish of this leather the moment it winked at me from a shelf up high.

Oh yes, this was the one. The perfect fit for my Quirky Diva.

Interestingly the metallic shade in my Diva fabric is silver. But it seems to be warmed by the charcoal accents making this warmer bronze/gold shade a match made in heaven.

This leather's super soft hand made this a clear emotional purchase rather than a considered one... super soft leather is not exactly the best choice for what I originally wanted to be a fairly structured bag. But when a fabric demands to be used, you make it work, dammit!


Saturday 27 June 2015

Meet The Quirky Diva.

Not me! The dress!

Though to be honest she makes me feel quite the quirky diva myself.

I am finally creating pieces that make me squeal with delight at how very me they are. I'm not joking about the squealing, I'm squealing now. It's getting a little embarrassing. I'm not normally a squealer...


Thursday 11 June 2015

I love my hometown, I really do.

I've travelled near and far and there are many beautiful places in this world. But Sydney, oh Sydney, you give them a run for their money.

When Tessuti Fabrics released their Sydney Jacket pattern a few weeks back, I unexpectedly fell in love with it. I had downloaded my pattern within minutes. I had the perfect fabric languishing in my stash... a fire engine red boiled wool knit.

I had a slight hiccup when I realised I had less than the recommended yardage. Not by much, but at first it looked like my plans would be scuppered.

Then I saw a few being made up (Kirsty, Helen) and quickly realised that perhaps I'd be able to get away with the petite size with the XS length (only 1cm longer) which might juuuuuuuuust squeeze onto my fabric. It did. Huzzah!


Sunday 31 May 2015

Memories are a funny thing. They are powerful, yet often flawed.

This project has a bit of history to it. Sarah has heard a bit of this story after I commented on her fabulous Woodland Stroll Cape. You see I've been planning a cape/poncho/winter thingy for literally years.

I have this rather precious memory. I recall being small, maybe four, and I was the proud owner of the most wicked poncho ever. Crocheted in green and white, pom pom drawstrings, I was a child of the 70's. That thing was the bomb. And I remember very clearly one particular occasion of wear. I was sick (nothing major I suspect) and my father allowed me to keep my pyjamas on with my precious poncho thrown on top to head to the doctors. I remember striding with pride holding my Daddy's hand. I seriously felt like the queen of the world.


Sunday 24 May 2015


Sorry for shouting. I'm a bit excited and inordinately proud.

Meet Mona - she's a mindbending beast.

It seems everyone is getting on the blazer bandwagon at the moment. Gail is whipping out incredibly and impeccably tailored blazers at an alarmingly amazing rate. And every other blogger in blogland appears to be dating Morris. Morris doesn't do it for me. I'm not that keen on his style lines, I'm a bit judgy like that. Maybe also because I'm not into the ponte/double knit craze (I'm sorry, when I touch it it always reminds me of synthetic old lady comfort clothing, but feel free to convince me) or stretch wovens.

Unless it's this stretch woven in the the form of Pinch Coral, a glorious cotton/polyester/spandex blend from Pitt Trading*. Then it's all good.


Sunday 17 May 2015

Squishy. Yummy. Like a warm hug.

I need one right now whilst sewing, and really any crafting, is out due to a nasty back injury. Oh the cruel irony that I spend my days "fixing" others backs and then mine goes.

I've also been dithering over a new knitting project since finishing my marathon Caramel. I needed a palette cleanser and I was convinced I wanted to do a chunky knit the likes of a Chunky Fudge Lace Cardigan to achieve a quick-off the-sticks project. Than I snapped myself out of it and realised that given I'm almost too toasty in my sportweight Caramel I was gonna be a sweaty mess in a chunky knit.


Monday 4 May 2015

I think we are all aware of my predilection for icing/frosting. Cake is really just the vehicle to deliver the good stuff in my opinion.

But recently I found myself making what I considered cake. A top that could be worn in more than one outfit combo, with a variety of coordinating pieces.

Meet Peplum 2 or Not Quite Cake.

You see, this cake has icing that's perhaps not immediately obvious. She's a bit more dramatically shaped than The Phoenix.

A bit more pep and puff.

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