Saturday 31 December 2016

This is a story about a suit. A suit of wonder. A swimsuit with mysteriously magical powers.

I never thought I'd experience the day when I would feel so supremely comfortable and amazingly confident in a swimsuit. Of any description.

Today, my friends, is that day.

Today I feel like I found the suit of my dreams. Made with my own hands.

A swimsuit that allows me to run Baywatch style down the beach without my swimsuit bottoms disappearing into my butt (TMI?). Let's be clear. I have a butt. A generous butt. And no swimsuit has ever stayed in place. This one does not move a millimetre.


Friday 9 December 2016

Sometimes I need to shrink my world.

Retreat for a while.

Focus on the things in front of me.

About a month ago I started to wobble. I felt overwhelmed and unable to face the world. It wasn't very pretty and there was a part of me that thought I was going a little mad.

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