Sunday 31 May 2015

Memories are a funny thing. They are powerful, yet often flawed.

This project has a bit of history to it. Sarah has heard a bit of this story after I commented on her fabulous Woodland Stroll Cape. You see I've been planning a cape/poncho/winter thingy for literally years.

I have this rather precious memory. I recall being small, maybe four, and I was the proud owner of the most wicked poncho ever. Crocheted in green and white, pom pom drawstrings, I was a child of the 70's. That thing was the bomb. And I remember very clearly one particular occasion of wear. I was sick (nothing major I suspect) and my father allowed me to keep my pyjamas on with my precious poncho thrown on top to head to the doctors. I remember striding with pride holding my Daddy's hand. I seriously felt like the queen of the world.


Sunday 24 May 2015


Sorry for shouting. I'm a bit excited and inordinately proud.

Meet Mona - she's a mindbending beast.

It seems everyone is getting on the blazer bandwagon at the moment. Gail is whipping out incredibly and impeccably tailored blazers at an alarmingly amazing rate. And every other blogger in blogland appears to be dating Morris. Morris doesn't do it for me. I'm not that keen on his style lines, I'm a bit judgy like that. Maybe also because I'm not into the ponte/double knit craze (I'm sorry, when I touch it it always reminds me of synthetic old lady comfort clothing, but feel free to convince me) or stretch wovens.

Unless it's this stretch woven in the the form of Pinch Coral, a glorious cotton/polyester/spandex blend from Pitt Trading*. Then it's all good.


Sunday 17 May 2015

Squishy. Yummy. Like a warm hug.

I need one right now whilst sewing, and really any crafting, is out due to a nasty back injury. Oh the cruel irony that I spend my days "fixing" others backs and then mine goes.

I've also been dithering over a new knitting project since finishing my marathon Caramel. I needed a palette cleanser and I was convinced I wanted to do a chunky knit the likes of a Chunky Fudge Lace Cardigan to achieve a quick-off the-sticks project. Than I snapped myself out of it and realised that given I'm almost too toasty in my sportweight Caramel I was gonna be a sweaty mess in a chunky knit.


Monday 4 May 2015

I think we are all aware of my predilection for icing/frosting. Cake is really just the vehicle to deliver the good stuff in my opinion.

But recently I found myself making what I considered cake. A top that could be worn in more than one outfit combo, with a variety of coordinating pieces.

Meet Peplum 2 or Not Quite Cake.

You see, this cake has icing that's perhaps not immediately obvious. She's a bit more dramatically shaped than The Phoenix.

A bit more pep and puff.

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