Friday, 20 May 2016


Nothing like a snappy project title, hey? I got nothing, sorry.

This is about as close to a classic shirt as I get. I did have intentions of making a button down shirt, with cuffs, and tower plackets, and a collar stand... and then I slapped myself. Who am I kidding? I just knew I wouldn't wear it.

I love them on others, but feel ridiculous in them myself. I don't know why, but perhaps I'm just not "classic".

But it does have a collar! If only a camp collar with no collar stand.

I love the colours in this mid-heavy weight cotton canvas. Tones of blue, grey, teal and even taupe.

It might be an upholstery fabric... just sayin'. It was in the clearance section of the furnishing fabrics, but it felt lovely and soft on the bolt. Disappointingly it went kind of stiff after pre-washing. Weird...

But it does give the shirt some body which you all know I'm very fond of.

This is my version of Pattern J from this book...

So sorry people, it's not translated and my translator app clearly isn't feeling friendly because what is gave me when trying to translate the text on the front cover was nonsense. If anyone can help with the translation that'd be ace! I've taken to calling it "The book with 3 girls on the front". Very inventive, I know. In fact, this shirt is that one, there on the left of the cover shot.

There are some lovely style lines to this, with an absence of side seams created by the 4 panel construction - front, back and two side panels. The vertical seams are topstitched and I like how it helps to create structure. My fabric is very busy so it hard to see...

And that kooky pocket is right up my alley. Interestingly shaped and with an opening on the side, not top. So it's um..... pretty useless. But pretty!

The facing edges are all turned under and topstitched down making the insides quite lovely and with no annoying facings flapping around. My pet hate.

I made a straight size 7-9 and it fits me beautifully. I did end up sewing a 1cm single fold hem instead of the drafted double fold as it was going to be a little short for my taste. I'm happy with where it ended up, especially as I've been rather into longer tunics over jeans and this offers a slightly different look. I do find the neck slit to be very low cut. I always intended on wearing it over a tank, but I really have no choice. Next time I might bring it up a little.

Seriously, I am very lucky that, on the whole, Japanese patterns seem to be drafted just for me. I'm addicted and find I now reach only for my extensive Japanese pattern book collection anytime I want to make something.

Let's address the elephant in the room shall we? I was sick of the sight of myself, so brought out the GHD. I forgot what I looked like with straight hair and how long it really is. I'm going to enjoy it for the 5 minutes it lasts before the vaguest humidity sends it into a frizzy horrid mess. Yeeha!

And finally, that last shot shows why I never smile fully in blog shots. I look like a complete doofus...

Friday, 6 May 2016


A pullover of feathers.

Beautifully printed feathery feathers.

 Grey on grey.

Boxy over skinnies.

I guess my love for loose, boxy tops and dresses knows no bounds. And pockets. Always pockets.

It's pretty damned perfect.

This is the Patch Pocket Pullover (Pattern F_1) from Simple Chic by 大川友美.

I purchased this book a few months ago and my lovely friend Kate, of Sewing with Kate, mentioned she loved this pattern. We really are birds of a feather. I totally dig her style and have coveted many of her pieces. Since this pattern was one of the main reasons I purchased the book I suggested we do a joint project. Each of us sewing it in our own spaces, with our own sense of style, and then showcasing our creations at the same time. You should see Kate's! Looking great in a soft and drapey pink and grey herringbone, showing how different fabrics can give the top a new look.

Be aware that patterns in this book are one size fits all, and let's face it, that's rarely worked out well for anyone. This is the pattern sewn exactly as drafted. It fits me well and I love the oversized shape (which the pattern intends), but you might want to check the finished measurements which are noted with the instructions. The shoulders are quite wide and those little gussets don't sit quite right. I might try to redraft them a little next time.

I chose to use this fairly heavy Montreaux Drill from Spotlight. I knew I wanted to make this a warmer top, to be worn with jeans and perhaps layered over a long sleeved tee in winter. This fabric sat winking at me from below a pile of rejects. That perfect grey on grey, the sheeny look to the fabric and the perfect feather print just screamed at me to be taken home. Even if grey is decidedly not my colour.

Nothing that a spot of bronzer and a colourful lippy can't fix!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I adore the end result.

It's utterly everything I'd hoped for and it's a look I'll happily adopt this autumn/winter. I can see a few more of these in my future. I'm thinking a soft drapey wool would be heavenly. And seriously I am digging this silhouette with my brand spanking new Bared boots.

It's love, people. Pure, unadulterated maker love.