It's a New Year... welcome to the blogosphere

Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

So first things first... I decided on a personal motto/resolution for 2012... "Ride your own race".

That's right, it's time to ride my own race, sew at my own pace and be a little kind to myself along the way.

I'm new to blogging. Have been following a number for some time, mainly blogs of crafty Mummas, and decided that perhaps I'd like my own little space to showcase what I've been sewing - and perhaps share the occasional rambling about life, love and the universe. So without further ado... here is "Sew at your own pace".

I'll be back soon, promise... just gotta set things up a bit. It's the hazard of getting caught up in New Year excitement and the need to just get started.

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