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Wednesday 22 May 2013

What's that? What's that cool envelope thing there above? Why it's the result of my first ever SELF DRAFTED PATTERN! Squeeeeee! Too many caps? Sorry, I'm pretty chuffed right now.

Remember P put in an order for an iPad sleeve after my totes bonanza? Well here 'tis.

I kind of knew what I wanted right off the bat. I also knew it couldn't be too hard to work out and I really didn't want to get sucked into Google land for another several hours looking for a pattern. It seems like it'll make your life easier, but man, Google is like a vortex to me. It sucks time like no tomorrow. I find myself obsessing over finding the very best example of something I want to make rather than just getting the hell on with it.

So I got the hell on with it.

It's super simple - an envelope. One long piece of fabric folded twice and then sewn down. Well there's a bit more to it, but you get my drift. For this, I used a cool retro print Buzoku cotton duck and red drill lining. It's so tough to find masculine prints it's insane, but the stars aligned on this one and I came across this right away at my local Spotty.

I also used some Vilene Iron On Lightweight Fleece between the lining and outer fabric to give the case a little body and the iPad a teeny bit of protection. I'd have loved to use a magnetic snap to close the case, but you cannot find those things for love nor money at any fabric stores near me. So Velcro it was. Happy enough with this, but I would prefer the finish of a proper snap closure

The pattern turned out great, the iPad fits with a bit of extra wriggle room - essential, if like P you intend to throw in a wallet or phone from time to time. And best of all, P is stoked. Yay, me!

Now I'm off to make another special order ballerina tote bag. And that's it, I'm done with accessories for a while.

And my yarn arrived. Yippee! It's knittin' time.


  1. Yay, that is totally awesome!! i love the fabric you chose as well, and agree that you can get lost in google. And you never seem to find exactly what you want, so it's just all around easier to make it yourself :)

    Well done :)

    1. Thanks Jen! Pretty happy with myself right now.


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