Tuesday 26 November 2013

Vintage McCall's 9507, View A (sort of), dated 1968.

AKA Jillian makes another Pirate shirt.

Oh alright, it's not quite that bad, but it's not my most favourite make either. 

It does have poofy sleeves, ridiculously wide cuffs and ruffled neckline. It's pretty damning evidence of a pirate shirt.

I do worry it makes me look like a Pierrot-inspired pirate clown.

I sewed a straight Size 12 with no modifications to the sizing. I did, however, eliminate the ruffled patch pockets (they were absolutely huge!) and the ruffle at cuff. I mean really people, there is only so much ruffle one person can wear!

These are some seriously wide cuffs! I decided to add some interest by using cream thread for the buttonholes and navy/royal blue for the button thread. I like that it picks up the blue in the print, which you almost miss.

The best part about this shirt is without doubt the gorgeous fabric. It's a 100% cotton Japanese lawn that had been sitting patiently in my stash awaiting the perfect shirt. This wasn't it though...

And the print! Teeny, tiny little houses. What's not to love about that?
Meh, you win some. you lose some...


  1. Haha do you watch Seinfeld? 'But I don't want to be a pirate!' I think it's actually pretty cute, but if you don't get much wear out of it I'd consider taking off the cuffs, and shifting them up a bit to a 3/4 length.....

  2. That fabric is adorable! I really don't think you are venturing into pirate territory with this one - I was laughing when I read this though, reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry has to wear the pirate shirt!

  3. Awesome fabric! I have a thing for puffy sleeves lately, so I like it!

  4. OH you are so not a pirate in this. I really like it and think it deserves lots of wear. Love your 2 colour cotton idea.

  5. Thanks Kirsty. Yeah, I was looking for a way to redeem the shirt and the thread idea was all I could come up with!

  6. OK, well you can just pop it in the mail and send it on over to me, LOL!

  7. Don't tempt me Gail! Christmas present for you??

  8. Hehehe! I doubt I've been a good enough girl this year to get such a present!


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