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Friday 10 January 2014

The Wardrobe Architect

Upon waking this morning and finding this thread on my Bloglovin' feed I nearly combusted with excitement! Sarai, you have read my mind, seen my heart, understood my dilemmas. And it seems you are about to hold my hand and get me through building a wardrobe that truly reflects me. Sewing dreams do come true!

I have been struggling for inspiration for my sewing lately. I think we all lose our mojos from time to time, but it's not so much been about not wanting to sew, it's more about "what next?". I know that in my 2013 Reflections and Plans post I stated that my 2014 plan was to have no plans: for me this means no list of specific items to craft or skills to learn in 2014 that becomes ultimately menacing and anxiety provoking (yes, I'm a drama queen like that). But, I still need to have a good understanding of what's in my wardrobe, what items might be missing or may be completely out of step with who I am, and how I might approach my handcrafting to best fill the gaps and satisfy my creative urges.

This year it's going to be tougher than ever to find time to sew or knit. M is threatening to drop her day nap (I know, I know, I'm lucky she is still napping at the age of 3.5) and she is not a kid that has any capacity to amuse herself, I work, I'm going to start studying again (I know, what the hell am I thinking?) and I'm utterly useless after the sun goes down (no late night crafting sessions for me!). But my hands will still itch to create and so I need to make sure that every make is meaningful and will find a core place in my wardrobe. Importantly, I don't want to create just to have something to post about. My time is too limited and valuable for that!

I also don't have a limitless budget (or even a nice little plump one). Dudes, in most cases my items are made from fabrics I've picked up for the bargain basement price of under $10 a metre on the local Spotlight store (think Joanns in the USA) clearance table. Did I make you cringe? Alas, Tessuti will probably never see my dollar even though I am known to drool over their offerings. That being said, I don't want to get sucked in by the bargain fabric at the expense of sewing something that will truly reflect me and survive for longer than a season.

I also need to better see how items can be styled in more than one way to create entirely different, but true to style, looks. Seriously, the outfits you see posted on this here blog generally are the only way I wear those made items. Borrrrrrrrring.

So friends, do you have similar wardrobe dilemmas? Will you join me and what appears to be countless others in achitecting your own wardrobe? Or alternatively, have you already nailed this for yourself, you clever crafter, you?


  1. Yeah I'm definitely up for it! It was a very interesting read. I'll be fascinated to see how it unfolds. I'm pretty happy with my own style and am getting better with accessorising and mixing and matching but love to read about better ways to plan. And of course reduce waste - of time, of resources, of mojo! Sometimes I get stressed just thinking about all the things I want to make - it's so bloody stupid! And Don't feel bad about spotty - it's got some great stuff, I think you just have to sift through it a bit! And never underestimate the jewels that can be found in remnant bins! Are you a Seinfeld fan? We can be George Costanzas together and strive to be architects!

  2. I ought to be doing this, and I probably will do it. But I held off adding the button until I see a post or two, because I want to see first how much "homework" there will be, LOL!

  3. You've got me all wrong Sarah! I love Spotlight. Don't feel in the vaguest badly about buying from there. I have loved every fabric I've purchased and nearly always find what I'm after. It's reasonably priced and reasonable quality. And their clearance table has often offered up gems. I guess I would not generally pay $50+ for a RTW simple sundress, so making a Liberty dress is not really going to happen in my world either 😀, and I'm okay with that. We can totally strive to be architects together!

  4. Homework?! Yikes, hadn't thought of that. Oh well, at least nobody will be grading me so if I choose not to do it (naughty me) I just won't.

  5. I know what you mean - when i see something that has maybe $15 worth of fabric in it I just can't make myself spend crazy amounts of cash when I know I could make it. You know the only thing my local spotty is lacking in is plain knits and good quality bottom weight fabrics. But so many pretty prints! :)

  6. Gabrielle Corbett15 January 2014 at 20:02

    It was a great post! Lots of food for thought but I'm not yet sure if I'll use it - I don't really want to have a single style, I like a really inconsistent wardrobe.. Though perhaps that only works for me because I never throw much out, so I have lots to choose from. Much of which doesn't fit at any one time because my size keeps changing !! So I'm in the 'wait and see what comes next before I commit' camp :)

    Can you start early morning sewing? Or can you do some little bits and pieces on public transport?

  7. Oh Gabrielle I wish I could nod early morning sewing. But with a 3 yr old who wakes up v. Early everyday, or wakes immediately I step foot out my door it's impossible. We also have a small apartment so I need to pack up after each session. Ho hum. If only I had a sewing room door to shut!

  8. Sara, I like your plans! We'd get on just fine :)


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