WIPS and Wine

Monday 7 April 2014

Oh wow, it has been a while. These last few weeks have been shite challenging to say the least. Let's  be honest, there has been no really serious handcrafting going on here.

Between man flu laying the husband low, then me, then my 3 year old having to undergo a baby tooth "root canal" (please, can we not debate whether or not baby teeth have roots?), then me falling prey to what the doc has called a repeated viral attack (sounds gnarly right? IT WAS!), Casa Sew Jillian has been a pretty miserable old place.

But hooray we appear to be out the other end!

And this weekend was pretty special. P and I enjoyed our first night away alone in nearly 4 years! That's insane! The 4 years bit I mean.

And said weekend involved copious amounts of wonderful elixir of the Gods, Hunter Valley style. Oh Hunter Valley, how I've missed you, it has been a while.

We didn't know ourselves! What to do, where to start? Do I take a bath, knit for hours, visit every winery possible, watch TV uninterrupted, swing from the chandeliers (too much info?)... or gasp... sleep in? Oh the joy.

We might love our little M to bits, but good lord it was nice to have just over 24 hours to focus solely on the wonderful man I married. I kind of forgot what it's like to have an uninterrupted conversation and to snuggle without a wiggly near four year old wanting to get into the middle of the action. Bliss.

And I do have a WIP - that there up top is my current sweater progress.

Isn't she gorgeous? Lousia Harding's Fazie sweater. I do love this piece even though the yarn is doing my head in. But now that I am not sicker than the proverbial dog I have stopped making so many errors I had to rip back the lace cuff band not once or twice but four times! So progress is in fact forward.

I also have a little leatherwork of my own awaiting finishing touches. It's a bit laughable to call it a true project but I'll share anyway. Stay posted.

And I am just about to start on Victory Pattern's Roxanne. Not the summer version I had originally planned 'cause let's face it, Autumn is truly here. No it'll be a cool weather appropriate Version 1 in an awesome chiffon I picked up recently.

So lovely people, as long as the fates stay on my side and off the side of sickness, I'll see again you soon!


  1. Lordy that does sound like a bad couple of weeks! Your jumper looks divine - the yarn looks so soft. Glad life is getting back to normal and keep an eye out for your pattern in the post ;)

  2. I know how you feel - there has been a fair share of flu around here as well, not very conducive to creativity! Glad to hear you are on the other side and looks like you had an amazing weekend away! That sweater looks incredible. That model is stunning!

  3. How exciting to have a weekend away. So deserved. I need to get one of those!
    Your sweater is going to be beautiful!

  4. I can vouch for the wonders of the romantic getaway - glad you got to have one! This sweater is lovely! Oh, and I'm hoping to start a Roxanne in the next week or two also!

  5. It was a heinous few weeks, Sarah! I will look forward to the pattern with glee!

  6. Oh no, sorry to hear the lurgy hit you too! How gorgeous is that model? I think perhaps I got suckered in by her beauty as I never go for cropped sweaters and don't dress as "romantically" as she does. I bought extra yarn so I can lengthen the sweater to a more "Jillian" length.

  7. Kirsty book it now! M had a great time at Nana's and didn't even want to come home. Romantic weekend, what a revelation!

  8. Looking forward to seeing your Roxanne! I think it's a fairly quick make, so I'm hoping to squeeze mine in sometime this week.

  9. I've completely copied you! I hadn't seen this sweater before and love it so much I went straight out and bought the wool! Look forward to seeing yours.

  10. Ugh, sorry to hear you've been ill, but glad it sounds like things are picking up! The sweater looks beautiful, I really like the intricate detail on the cuff.

  11. Ooh, hope I get a chance to see yours. Do you have a blog?

  12. Yes I'm a bit of a sucker for lace knitting. It's actually a really easy lace, but so effective!


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