I am a bear

Wednesday 11 June 2014

I am, I am a bear....

I've been hibernating: figuratively and literally.

I've been a little absent, but I've been reading your blogs every chance I get!

I followed Sarah's advice. And yes, Sarah, it was worth hibernating for a while. My last post spoke of my growing disconnect from, and dissatisfaction with, my latest project. I tried soldiering on and I was just getting miserable. I decided for pretty much the first time ever to just put it aside, potentially never to be seen again.... we'll see.

Then I had to find my mojo again and boy was that hard. But I knew what I wanted to craft. I wanted a cardigan. A variegated green, hand-dyed/artisan yarn cardigan. So I got this...

Oh the squidgy awesomeness of this yarn. Sooooooooo soft (100% merino superwash wool) and so vibrant. It defines perfection.

And I'm gonna knit this...


Isabell Kraemer's Caramel cardigan. Entirely my kind of cardigan - one that makes you feel you've been wrapped in a lovely warm blanket or even a hug. I just won't be doing stripes. The variegated yarn will give me all the texture and interest I need.

Hopefully the endless stockinette will be just the balm my soul needs right now - mindlessness and rhythmic meditation instead of constant stitch counting and concentration (hello Fazie, I'm looking at you). I got no space in my tired brain for that right now (who was it that thought working, studying, caring for my family, crafting and sleeping could all fit nicely into my life?). Can't wait to get started.

I also finally got all I need together to make my New York Cape. Seriously peeps, this pattern has been sitting in my stash for over 2 years. It's about time.

Check out this delicious wool coating from The Fabric Store.

If you can't tell, I am obsessed with warmth and cosiness right now. I'm not much of a winter person.

How about you? Winter or Summer? Does anything weird happen to your mojo in either season?

And now I'm off to wind those skeins into knit-able balls.


  1. Ooh your yarn looks gorgeous and so does your wool coating! A cape! I do wish a cape was on my sewing list, maybe next winter! Hope the cardi goes well. I'm about 2 lace repeats into my cape cod which I'm not finding particularly relaxing, but seems to be coming along ok. Thank goodness for safety lines! Glad my 2 cents was of some help to you!

  2. I wholly endorse the occasional hibernation :-) Been doing a bit of that myself lately.

    Such beautiful greens! I really, really love the plaid you got for your cape. I've also been saying for the last 2 years that I'm going to make a cape. Maybe this fall will be the year I actually do it?

    And summer - definitely summer!

  3. Gabrielle Corbett15 June 2014 at 00:03

    Oh that yarn - it looks so delectable ! Makes me wish I was a knitter, so I could copy you outright Jillian and make a scrummy twin cardigan! You have such a beautiful cohesive style, I always love your makes and I know this will be no exception. Hibernation is sensible: it sounds like you have a crazy amount going on these days so I imagine you need to grab whatever downtime you can - don't feel bad, just look after yourself. I hope the stockinette helps. Your wool coating is also divine and it's going to look amazing on you - I'll look forward to it whenever it's ready :).

  4. Gabrielle Corbett15 June 2014 at 00:06

    Oh and I meant to say too that I find it hard to sew, go out, do anything in winter. Ideally I'd just stay by the heater or in bed all day with relaxing novels until the warm days came back :) but who gets to lead that kind of life?

  5. Oh thanks Gabrielle. Knitting does push you to a whole new level of patience, but there is something extraordinary about creating both fabric AND garment. And yes, production of anything in my house will be going on a lot slower than ever before. I have got to put the energy where it's most needed and crafting comes after family, work and study. The stockinette is totally helping my state of mind in moments between the above :)

  6. When we retire Gabrielle, when we retire :)

  7. Oh Gail that cape has been calling me for years, but I still think it's gonna take a while to get to. I really NEED a cardigan!

  8. You'll get into the rhythm of the lace repeats Sarah, I promise. I wore my Cape Cod today and seriously it is the bomb. LOVE!

  9. I'm stalking you Jillian (I'm new around these parts). Seriously good blog btw. Hey I made a jacket with that exact same wool coating from The Fabric Store Did you make the cape? I can't find it.

  10. Ha! I don't mind being stalked :) Can you believe I never got around to making the Cape AGAIN?! I think the 10 metres of binding is putting me off. It has to be done this year! Love your coat by the way. It looks great in this fabric ( and love your blog).


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