Because who doesn't need a crocheted granny square vest??

Thursday 24 July 2014

...Especially when you are off to mount your horse.

Sometimes you hit gold. Sometimes you enter that op shop with something else entirely on your agenda, but find yourself with a smile a mile wide.

The motherlode of knitting patterns from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Thank you Betty, whoever and wherever you are.

This is but a small sub-selection of the entire load I nabbed. And wait for it... all for the ridiculous price of $1. That's right. Not $1 each, but $1 total!! There's something like a few hundred patterns here contained in 20 odd pattern books.

I grabbed them all because they are actually full of some great basic and timeless patterns and I do in fact see myself using them to knit up a whole stack of things over the next several decades.

But boy do they have some entertainment value, immersing one in the the most iconic fashions of the time. Let's begin... 70's anyone?

I mean I know my hubby needs a beautifully hand crocheted, contrast trimmed and belted tunic for when he's tending the helm of our timber canal boat. How about yours?

Well hello handsome, you really are quite the looker in your lovingly crafted vest, sipping your amber ale.

A little lurex anyone? Oh yeah, take me to the disco.

And this poor lass, she looks a bit apprehensive doesn't she? This totally makes me think of a very special hair salon cape. I still remember my awesome knitted/crocheted green and white poncho from when I was about 5. I loved that thing so much I never took it off.

This one nearly made me wanna go back.

Don't you just wanna be her? No? Just me?

But then the 70's/80's did throw up some lovely numbers I can actually see myself in, with a few modifications.
 Love it! In the right colours, it could be cute.

And this...

...I'd totally keep knitting the sleeves to full length and be happy as a pig in mud. Love that neckline.

And now for some humorous photo captions... I mean really?

 What's she waiting for??

Brave? Is she about to be attacked my a mountain lion? Well, this cardigan will certainly help!

I need to admit I cannot crochet for love nor money. I tried once and it was ugly. But these, these make me want to find someone who can...

 Dresses of awesome.

And this skirt? It's a must have.

Now, I'm off to knit hubby and I matching Mad Men sweaters.


  1. Now all I can think of is Alister and Benita on playschool singing "put on your poncho, put on your poncho, put on your poncho, we're going out today"

  2. Fantastic. How awesome are op shops. I'm like you - no crochet. I've enough mediocre craft skills in my repertoire right now, but I'll keep the riding vest in mind if I change!

  3. I’m laughing so hard my belly aches … love your witty comments ! The thing about ridiculous trends is they won’t stay put in the “temporary insanity” box… My skin crawled when I heard some of the 80’s trends are comming back!
    Anyway you’ve got quite a tresure there … and all for 1$ … !!!

  4. Those are fabulous! and I actually DO want to wear most of them!!!! What a great $1 splurge :)

  5. Mother lode is right!! You definitely need that last skirt. I think I might need it too :-)

  6. So many beauties in there. I'm sure my mum had and crocheted some of those patterns in the 70s! Can't wait to see what you decide to knit first - although I think your husband might send you off to crochet lessons so that he can get that tunic.

  7. Oh that is too funny! Yours looks fab and I'm always in awe of someone who can crochet a baby scarf let alone an entire garment. Well done you!

  8. Oh my beloved Playschool and now my daughter's beloved show as well! I probably loved that song as I truly did love that poncho to death. I felt so glamorous in it!

  9. Op shops are all sorts of awesome. That riding vest is so very you too Sarah.

  10. Glad I got you giggling! Please don't let the 80's come back, although I must say there is an awful lot of flouro going on in clothing and shoes these days. I still remember a short sleeved jacket I had in the 80's with huge ruffles on the sleeves and shoulder pads so incredibly large I looked like an American football player. I thought I looked amazing, gulp.

  11. I know Rachel, there are some gems and I was actually salivating over many of them. I totally covet that last crocheted skirt...

  12. How fabulous is that skirt Gail? You absolutely need it and if you want the pattern give me a shout :)

  13. Kirsty, I was looking at some of the patterns from the late 70's/early 80's and I am beyond certain my Mum knitted and wore a good few. And based on my hubby's amazing leather working skills he can go learn crochet and make it his damn self!

  14. ...Talking about neon ... I just had to wear some on my blog |:-0

  15. Brilliant! A granny square knit vest is a must for every mans wardrobe. Special mention to the white lace shirt as well. How on earth did these men get laid dressing like this?

  16. I know! How good is that shirt! My hubby laughingly asked for one of those. Is it concerning that I think he was only partly joking??


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