Sunday 5 July 2015

Sometimes a fabric demands to be used even when you know it's not quite right.

I adored the burnished finish of this leather the moment it winked at me from a shelf up high.

Oh yes, this was the one. The perfect fit for my Quirky Diva.

Interestingly the metallic shade in my Diva fabric is silver. But it seems to be warmed by the charcoal accents making this warmer bronze/gold shade a match made in heaven.

This leather's super soft hand made this a clear emotional purchase rather than a considered one... super soft leather is not exactly the best choice for what I originally wanted to be a fairly structured bag. But when a fabric demands to be used, you make it work, dammit!

This is a self-drafted envelope clutch very similar in construction to my Scuba Clutch. In fact, I had to do the same fix to ensure the bag had enough structure.

As you can see, I used a piece of slightly lighter weight black leather to line the back of the clutch, combined with an internal credit card pocket.

I used a very nicely coordinating upholstery thread and machine sewed the seams. I fully intended hand punching and hand sewing the seams and was quite wedded to that idea, even buying the waxed Irish linen thread.

But I was finding it impossible to punch through three layers of leather and time was running out. Canberra Frocktails was but one sleep away and I had no more time to lose!

And this time my Janome completely behaved itself - for the record I used a size 14 leather needle, a regular presser foot and upholstery thread. I did not use a Teflon foot or walking foot and I truly did not have an issue.

I did remember the Wonder Tape! The side seams were "pinned" in place with Wonder Tape for sewing. A much better option to ensure accuracy than the pegs I used last time.

I used a post thingy as a fastener (seriously, I cannot for the life of me remember the name for it!). It works a treat and I like the look.

I love the result. Gold/bronze is a neutral to me and I can see myself getting lots of use from this clutch.


  1. I love it so very much, a gorgeous classic clutch!! And I appreciate all of the little tips that you drop in each of these posts - I will cut my leather one day ;)

  2. Danielle Krivan5 July 2015 at 21:32

    Sewing the perfect clutch to match the perfect dress?? You are in a league of your own, and I'm in awe!!

  3. Post thingo... I had a good laugh. I'm more of a doova whatsy kind of a girl. This clutch is perfection. I'll be forgoing my buckrum interfacing for your swisher leather lining. I'm thinking a leather tote next... you?

  4. Very impressive! My hands have a mind of their own which is not linked to mine so I think Id lose a clutch in an instant in the same way I lose keys, phones and glasses. I need my bags to be attached to me!

  5. Well thank you lovely! It's as close to perfect as I was gonna get :)

  6. Aw thanks Nic! I'm glad someone is taking something away, not that I think I always have something to add. Cut that leather!

  7. Oh thank you Danielle! Once you get started with leather it's really not that hard at all :)

  8. Oh I too like a doova whatsy or whatsit. They're very useful thingys LOL! I am absolutely thinking a tote. I have enough of this leather to make at least one tote, perhaps two if I cut carefully and don't go too large. Oh who am I kidding? I love the idea of a HUGE tote xxx

  9. I agree Kate and usually have some kind of strap attached to my clutches or they are put down and forgotten. I was in a bit of a hurry with this one and went without, and hey, it came home with me!

  10. That is so cool! I am too scared to sew with leather but your clutches are really tempting me. They are so awesome.

  11. I looove all your leather projects and this one is not exception. Great job!!

  12. Once you get going sewing with leather is not hard at all. I suggest practicing on scraps first so you know exactly what to expect from your machine and iron all the little issues that might crop up. The scary bit is knowing you can't unpick - make an error and you're screwed!! LOL, just joking! :)

  13. Absolutely beautifully made and it goes with your dress just perfectly! Oh, how I wish I could have joined you fabulous fashionistas :)

  14. Thank you Carolyn, you're very kind :) Maybe you can join us next time? It would be fabulous to meet IRL xx


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