Saturday 5 September 2015

I might have snort laughed.

You see I inadvertently made my very own adult-sized pair of Bonds baby Roomies! Which is hilarious if you're me and you happened to dress your baby/toddler daughter in the coolest pair of chambray Roomies (essentially big butt pants) because they were adorable.

Maybe I was nostalgically channeling those pants because peeps this is not my normal silhouette.

These are Pattern N Straight-Cut Sarouel Pants from Yoshiko Tsukiori's Happy Homemade Vol. 1: Treasured Collection (also published as Happy Homemade: Sew Chic). I was flirting with the idea of pineapple printed chambray but then slapped myself and realised the style itself was a statement all it's own.

I found this deliciously soft and fine cotton chambray fabric at My Sewing Supplies (formerly Peg's Pieces). I was concerned it was too lightweight, but once made up it was everything I'd envisioned for these pants.

And of course we know I am a disciple of denim so... you know... indigo blue. Swoon.

I thought they might be a complete fail on me, but they're great! So comfy and very androgynous, which if I'm honest is how I often dress down.

I sewed a size 10-12, but clearly you could size down in this style and lose some of the volume if that frightened you. I stitched it entirely in gold thread to resemble jeans topstitching. And that topstitching looks mighty fine. I tell you, I eyeballed those pockets and just zoomed around the perimeter. I'm so not using fancy methods for guiding topstitching anymore.

I'm pretty sure these will become my new uniform... if hubby doesn't ban them...

Oh and I'm not meaning to look like I have a resting bitch face in these shots, but seriously I had just realised that below my feet were some giant spider holes and I was barefoot! Barefoot!! The things I do!!

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