Tuesday 10 November 2015

If I could surround myself with Marimekko for the rest of my life, I'd be pretty happy.

Marimekko embodies so much of what I love. Scandinavian design, a vintage sensibility, bright clear colours, and "look at me" prints that just scream happy!

What's not to love?

These bold large prints are perfect for loose fitting garments cut simply to allow the fabric to truly be the star. I particularly love a trapeze shape for this type of fabric and I knew from the moment it was purchased that I'd be making it up thus.

This print is Ajatus in Tärkein (in the white/red colourway) by Maija Louekari (2013). The Ajatus on tärkein ("it’s the thought that counts") pattern represents the different kinds of gifts that surround us during the Holidays. For the designer, the most important ones are moments spent together with friends and family. I didn't seek this information until after purchase and it's kind of cool since I bought this piece in Melbourne whilst on a long weekend break with the hubby for our 10th wedding anniversary.

It's a heavyweight, 100% cotton, with quite a stiff hand and no drape to speak of.

I pulled out my trusty and beloved Giant bow-tie tunic (Pattern A, Version 2) from Jinto Matsumoto's Feminine Wardrobe. I've made it before and I really believe there is at least one more in me. I adore the shape and the fit is perfection.

And check out that swing...

Seriously, the moment this thing even began to take shape I was squealing with joy. The capacity to make garments exactly as I dream them is such a precious gift.

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