Thursday 10 December 2015

I feel that, creatively, 2015 has been my year.

I've made a blazer, a coat, perfectly fitting pants, a few special dresses, technical tights, and holy crap I made shoes!

What a year!

I feel like I completely came into my own. I figured out what works for me and my style and I completely nailed it. I made clothing I normally wouldn't have touched with a barge pole, because it was just too "complicated". I partially conquered my fear of knits. For goodness' sake I made shoes! I'm the happiest crafter I could be.

Then this...

Half naked me on the interwebs. You guys better appreciate this.

This is my latest conquering fears project - Lily Sage & Co's Splash Swimsuit bikini made up in the most divine Moroccan style print lycra ever. Yet another perfect swimwear lycra find at Pitt Trading. And a little internet digging revealed that it was used in Zimmermann's swimwear collection of Summer 2014. This fabric is truly delicious, behaving itself so well with a plush and buttery feel.

I have been obsessed with Debbie's Splash Swimsuit pattern for some time. I adore the one piece version and literally daydream of wearing a one piece swimsuit, but alas they just don't feel right on me. I blame my proportionally long torso. But Debbie... Debbie rocks that one piece completely. Me, though? I'm a bikini kind of girl. And that's the beauty of this pattern - you can have it either way.

I'm a particular fan of the Splash Swimsuit bottom's high-waist and comparatively low leg line. I don't like to be constantly yanking bikini bottoms down or around to cover my butt and so high-legged bottoms are the bane of my existence. I've been a convert to the 50's style bikini pants for some time and have a few RTW bikinis in this style.

Check out that inadvertent pattern matching going on at the side seams.
Be aware, however, that these are seriously high-waisted. I ended up lowering the rise of my bottoms by 1 inch all around (simply cutting it off the top) and I'd consider lowering it a bit more in my next pair (oh yes, I will). It's simply a matter of personally preferring a slightly lower waist.

Weirdly, however, it feels and looks as though the back is way higher than the front. I feel like I could remove another half inch from the back rise only and it would even it up. This may have to do with the way I graded them though. I had to grade up 2 sizes from waist to hip and it may have messed with the proportions a bit.

Let's be clear too that these are not perfect. They are actually the second pair of bottoms I made after the first turned out a little too big and I stupidly thought that the leg elastic would pull in the leg holes. Did I think I was wearing bloomers? Ah well, it's my first time making swimwear and I didn't realise that the whole pant, including the legs, needs to be firm before adding elastic - the elastic essentially just holds it in place. Major thanks to both Debbie and Susan for giving me so much assistance in getting this right and putting up with my hysterical ravings... never mind. I actually think I could size down again all over for the bottoms next time as they are a bit less snug/secure than I'd like.

Lets talk about bikini tops. I'm clearly less than gifted in the chest department and even more so post-breastfeeding. I usually wear a bikini top that is styled like a bra with underwire and foam cups. It just makes me feel more comfy and less likely to be inadvertently bared by a flailing 5yr old (Miss M) in the surf. This bikini top has a halter strap and two back straps and let me tell you it's going no where. I feel completely snug and secure.

I was very hesitant about the style as is, however, because it affords no extra oomph. I'm quite sensitive about oomph. So I made me some oomph. I added in foam bra cups labelled as "push up". but let's be honest - you'd need something to push up. I just like that it gives me a little more oomph. Any oomph.

I essentially made this bit up after googling how to add bra cups, mashing together a few techniques and just getting the hell on with it. Susan very cleverly suggested sandwiching the cups between the outer and a second lining layer and I love the smooth looking result.

In the end I'm pretty damn chuffed. I made a bikini! One that I can wear! In a fabric I adore! Woohoo!!

And now me and my darling hubby photographer are gonna run like crazy from the hoard of mosquitoes that just descended upon us. I see calamine lotion in our near future.

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