Thursday 24 March 2016


Indigo denim.

Is there any other kind? I think not, not in my world.

And then there is vintage. An even better kind of denim.

Gorgeous vintage stretch indigo blue denim. I was gifted this fabric along with a few other amazing pieces by a dear friend a few years ago and it has languished in the stash ever since. I'm thinking it's 20-30 years old, but admit to not knowing for sure.

And topstitched denim. Can it get any better?

Luscious coppery coloured topstitching thread.

Exposed facings.

Raw edges beginning to fray and show their perfect white weft threads.

Ginormous pockets!!

There's a lot to love...

You know when you have a vision? A vision of a dress that could quite possibly blow your mind, if only it worked. This is my vision and it has completely lived up to its expectations.

This is of course my now tried-and-true Pattern N Deep-Pocket Shift with Ruffle Trim from Yoshiko Tsukiori's Stylish Dress Book: Clothing for Everyday. This is my third iteration of this pattern and I decided there was only room for one of these shifts with epic ruffles in my wardrobe. I don't feel like wearing "costume" everyday of the week.

There's not a lot more to say about this one other than I hemmed it a little longer than my other versions, mainly because I sewed it specifically as a dress to be worn in all seasons, from summer right through winter with the addition of a long sleeved tee under or a cardigan and coat over. Add tights and boots and I'll be good and cozy to go.

But for now.... hello lingering Sydney summer...

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