Do you Valentine? Some "crafty" fun

Thursday 14 February 2013

Do you go in for the Valentine's thing? I've already described my cynical attitude, but I must admit to being a little partial to some Valentine's Day love. Yes, I know it's awfully commercial and theoretically our loved ones should just do nice things for no reason at all except that they love you and want you to know. Nice, in theory, but really we all get so caught up in busy, busy, rush, rush that thoughtfulness sometimes takes a back seat.

So this year, I really wanted to do something nice and a little fun for P.

My hubby and I are fanatical cyclists; one of the reasons I find myself sewing at a much slower pace than some others. I simply can't do it all. Sometimes it's a choice: "I can go out for a 2 hour ride, or sew for 2 hours". Hmmm, sometimes the weather decides for me.

My hubby loves the fine things in life, often those considered as luxuries - don't we all? In particular he likes this...

Image courtesy of Brooks England (

Huh? I know, it's a boy thing - leather, vintage, hardcore uncomfortable whilst your wear it in. Ugg, me man, me like primitive things. I, however, see: expensive, uncomfortable, science has progressed things so my butt no longer has to suffer.

But it's a luxury we wouldn't normally extend to and I thought I'd order one. Every year Valentine's Day seems to creep up on me and CRAP EEK, I haven't organised myself. Needless to say P's gift is still winging its way across the seas and will be with us imminently.

How to communicate his gift without simply inserting a picture in with his card? How to make it a bit of fun and maybe a bit of work, something to up the excitement factor? (we live very simple lives, it doesn't take much to excite us).

A cross word puzzle! Ta-da!

I used Crossword Labs, a free online crossword creator. All you need to do is enter your words and your corresponding clues and hey presto, here's your crossword! Too easy! And P was blown away (easily pleased?). Even better he was able to work it out... P isn't really a "word" person. Crafty!

Between this and the bespoke Negroni shirt I'm so in the good books.. not that it's about point scoring... 'cause it's not.... truly

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  1. That's a lovely present for someone who likes cycling and uncomfortable seats :) and the crossword idea is pretty cool. We don't really do much on Valentines day, but last Saturday I took my Mr to a basketball game. That was our joint valentines gift. We also went for dinner so it was a lovely child-free date :)


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