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Wednesday 13 February 2013

You know, I do recognise I am a bit of a cynic. I have never been the type to comfortably undertake the reflection and introspection propounded by the mainstream self-helpers - well, I've tried on occasion, but I usually find myself groaning in cyncism.

It's just not... me.

Those of you who have read my blog over the past year will know it's been a bit of a tough time. But that was merely the start of the year that was. My long absence and low mood wasn't just about that redundancy. I fell into a deep dark hole after a number of subsequent challenges that came my family's way.

But this year has felt... fresh... there is a different sense in the air, like we have all taken a cleansing breath and the world is perhaps exactly as it's meant to be at this time. Profound, hey? Especially for a cynic like me.

And I feel strangely compelled to immerse myself in gratitude...

I have to start by saying this idea was not generated on my own little lonesome. The lovely Yana of White Mouse Creations blogged about this kikki.K 365 Journal back here, and her intent to write one line a day, every day. Once the year is over you start all over again and in a few years you have a lovely memory box full of the little and not so little goings on in your life. There was something in Yana's post and project that just spoke to me.

For my endeavour, I decided I'd write one thing that I feel grateful for on that given day, each and every day. Yes people, I recognise this is not an original concept and I am surely very late to this happy clappy party. But it's just so easy, and you know it's also a little uplifting. Who'da thought it?

I love that this journal's pages are simply numbered 1 through to 365, with no days, months or years to confuse issues. You can start whenever, wherever, for whatever reason you want...

And so here I am, with my journal and pen, ready to start my journey. And it feels pretty damn good.

What do you feel grateful for today?


  1. Even though the journal idea was not my own, I am glad my interpretation of it inspired you too. Writing a gatidude note each day will be so good, a wonderful way to see the positives in your life. Some days I struggle to write anything (especially if nothing happened that day) so I will write a gratitude one instead from now on. I hope this new year is a much better one for you. xx

    1. Thanks Yana. I know this is going to help me focus on the positives and not the catastrophes!

  2. What a truly lovely idea! This will be such a beautiful reflection of the days as they pass. Today I am grateful for the unconditional love of my dogs and their free puppy hugs when I get home!


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