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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Don't be afraid, I'm still here, this is not a weird redirection in blog land!

It's a new decade, a new name and a new look, but it's still the same me you know and love.

Yes, a couple of weeks ago I celebrated a somewhat momentous birthday: the big 4-0. We had a fabulous grown up birthday party (kids included), on a beautiful Sydney winter afternoon, with all our nearest and dearest. It was such a special day and I felt thoroughly spoiled and loved. A brand new decade...

So did I have a crisis, midlife or otherwise? Not at all, I wouldn't be that cliched/unoriginal, that wouldn't happen to me...

But, I have been thinking for a while that the current look of the blog and even the name itself, just didn't feel like "me" anymore. I'm not sure that any of us starting a blog have a perfect idea of where we are heading or what we might "look" like in a month, a year. I was anxious to get started and just beginning to feel my way.

But now, 18 months or so on, I have a better idea of who I am as a crafter and blogger.

This winter I discovered the incredible joy of knitting. Wow, what an art! When you sew you create a garment, but when you knit, you create both fabric and garment and there is something magical about that. I feel a bit giddy... it's the feeling of falling in love: giggly, excited and ever so slightly obsessed.

I've also expressed before that I'm not much of a winter sewer and there is often quite a bit of radio silence during the cold months. I miss my crafting and blogging, during those months. Knitting feels like the perfect winter craft for me.

So this is me. Me for now. Me hopefully for the foreseeable future.

A bit of a sewer, a bit of a raveller, occassionally unravelled.

I hope you continue your journey with me. I have so many projects to share with you. My birthday presents included a camera remote control, so no more waiting for a photographer!

PS. Don't worry, if you were a "sew your own pace" follower this does not mean you have to re-follow me, I'm taking you all with me on this journey! For those new to me and my little ole blog, let's be friends!


  1. Happy belated birthday - sounds like it was a great celebration! I know what you mean about winter sewing - I slow down so much too, but I am a hopeless knitter so I just have to persevere with the chilly sewing :)

    - Gabrielle x
    PS Love the new look - tres moderne!

    1. Thanks Gabrielle! Loving my new look too :)


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