"I hereby do solemnly swear...": Spring/Summer Sewing Promises

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Spring has sprung! And has it what in Sydney. Winter, a very mild one at that, was over in a day. And with that definite shift to warmer temperatures, I feel the summer sewing urge upon me.

I've decided that this Spring/Summer period I need to set myself some sewing direction. I generally don't mind seeing where the fancy takes me (and will continue to do so), but sometimes I veer off in numerous directions and never complete projects I intended. This list isn't exhaustive, there will be other projects, but the below are non-negotiable.

I hereby promise to complete the following by Summer's end:

1. A stretch/knit fabric garment: I don't know what it is about stretch fabrics, but they give me the heebie geebies. I remember sewing stretch fabrics in my teen years and never giving it a second thought. But I haven't touched the stuff since taking up sewing again in earnest over 3 years ago. I've solely sewn wovens. But, I hereby solemnly swear to complete my version of Tessuti's Our Fave Top, a pattern that I have had printed, taped together and fabric ready for cutting for well over a year!!

2. Desensitise myself to the Negroni shirt: I have sewn Colette Pattern's Negroni shirt before and it was such an epic undertaking (checks, plaid matching aggghhh), that I was battle-scarred and swore never to do it again. Then I saw this awesome western style plaid (again!!!) on sale at The Fabric Store earlier this year and it was screaming to be made into a short sleeved version. Sanity, I am sorry, but this is gonna happen... again...

3. Find the Bombshell within: I know, I know, you are sick of seeing these all over blogland. But seriously, I think every woman needs a Bombshell swimsuit. Have you seen the ridiculously fabulous versions already out there? Google it, go on, I'll wait! I think it looks awesome on every shape and size. I gotta get me a bit of Bombshell... perhaps after fulfilling Number 1 above... stretch fabrics eek.

4. Learn to properly adjust for my small bust: Ok, I've said it. I. HAVE. A. SMALL. BUST. Small boobs in fact - my chest measurement isn't that tiny (34"). And I have no idea how to carry out an SBA. It will happen this summer. No more of this taking in the side seams and hoping for the best malarkey. It just doesn't cut it! I've even purchased Craftsy's Adjust the Bust class. Now I just have to take the workshop and learn this shit once and for all!

5. Use all attachments that came with my vintage Singer Featherweight 221K

They bamboozle the hell out of me, but let's do this! This doesn't mean they have to be used in the construction of a garment, but if not, they at least have to be used to create a sample of work.

6. Use those damn doohickies: Those things, down there... (minds out of the gutter people)

Otherwise known as Seam Allowance Guides, they ingeniously alleviate the need to mark the seam allowance when using patterns that don't include them (why, I ask,why??????). You whack the doohickey on your scissor blade and hey presto, consistent cutting of seam allowances without marking. Look, it's hard to explain okay? Just read the directions. This promise includes the commitment to finally sew up one of those maddening, no seam allowance patterns. A year's subscription to Octobre magazine will not have been taken in vain.

I think that's it for now. Let's not go to cray-cray with promises!

And whilst there will be many distractions along the way (think: pretty fabrics, awesome patterns, other FOs), they will prevail.

OK, who's gonna hold me to these promises? Have you set any of your own?


  1. I'm glad you shared all these. I've just done a whole lot of wardrobe planning myself but it's on a larger scale than this - epic in fact!

    I too have a small bust and need to figure out how to make patterns work for me (without taking in the side seams too!) so I'll be with you on this one.

    I can't wait to wear the awesome clothes that currently only exist in my head so it's great motivation!

    1. It can so easily get epic can't it??!! I was determined to keep my promises to a nice neat minimum. It feels more achievable, and lets me have fun with spur of the moment stuff too. You should try the Adjust the Bust course. I was lucky and got an offer to enroll for $9.95 which was just too good to pass up (it's normally quite expensive)!

  2. Eh you're on your own with the promises, I'm just here to agree with you on the weather comment. Winter was too short. Also, you could do some other men's shirt pattern 'for a break' if you're really dreading the one you've got up there XD Heheh seriously though, I just found your blog today and I'm enjoying delving through your archives, so I'll see you around.


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