Part 2: Vintage Gifts for a Vintage Birthday

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Oh yes, P outdid himself in the the birthday gift area this year. Not only the Singer Featherweight 221K, but this very dear to me gift...

1950's/1960's Ladies Step-Through Single Speed
That, right there, is a bike owned and used by my Grandfather and then my dear Dad. But I can assure you it didn't arrive to me looking anything like this. In fact, it looked a bit like this...

In need of a little TLC?
Ouch. Poor old bike. I found her after digging around my brother's garage one weekend a few months back. I spied the gorgeous leather Brooks saddle first and thought, well what have we got here?

My excitement upon extricating her from the mess of a hoarder's paradise was indescribable. I'm a bit obsessed with bikes...

She really needed a lot of work and my brother wasn't interested in doing it. So we claimed her and brought her home, whereupon my incredibly clever and indulgent P set about transforming her.

And what a job he did.

Thank you so much P, I do love her so, and I love her all the more for the love and time you poured into her. I know that if my Dad and Grandfather were still with us they'd be stoked, just stoked...

What's the most precious birthday gift you ever received??


  1. Wow! It looks totally fabulous! The white tyres are a particularly cool retro touch. It's so sweet that it was your Grandpa's bike too, and has that special connection for you :)

  2. WOW!! What a stunning bike!! Lucky you, and happiest of birthdays :) Looked like it was a great one!

    1. Isn't it what? And yes it was the happiest of birthdays. Just feel in a really good place at the moment :)


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