Sunday 8 December 2013

Clearly the crisis has been averted! Dropped stitches were saved and knitting continued.

Meh... That's how I feel about this knit...

Knitting is one of those things. It takes so damn long compared to sewing. 

So... Damn... Long...

And I love the process immensely, most of the time. But it's a lot harder to accept "Meh" at the end of a project that takes the best part of a month. In sewing, most of my projects are done in a week or less. In those cases, I strike "meh"s up to experience. Getting something knit in an acceptable timeframe takes all my energy and spare time. There ain't no second project on the go, it takes all of me.

I like it alright. It's not spectacular and I knew that about it when I started. It's a basic knit tee. I just feel like I probably could have bought something similar and saved my time and energy for something with more vavavoom. It will certainly be worn, I'm just not that excited about it.

Pattern: Work + Shelter Lace Striped Tee (Ravelry link). Knit in Rico Design Essentials 365 Aran (60% cotton, 40% acrylic). I really like the yarn. It feels wonderfully cottony and soft, but I think it's gonna grow like crazy with wear, just like a pure cotton yarn. I knit the smallest size, a 36 bust.

  • I knit an additional lace and stockinette stripe in the body for length, as the original sweater is quite cropped. In the end, it's slightly longer than I'd have preferred. But I like the proportions when I look at these photos, so that's a result!
  • I changed the neckline as I'd seen a few others do. I started the neck rib when I had 16 stitches left on each sleeve instead of 12 and only knit 6 rounds (about 1 inch) instead of the pattern's 2 inches. I adore the wider boatneck as a result. I am not much of a one for high necklines, especially on summer pieces.
Lessons Learned:
  • I think I do prefer knitting top down in the round rather than bottom up like this one. I like being able to physically try it on as I go. That means better capacity to check the fit as you go, especially length.
  • Jillian, don't persist in knitting when starting a new medication that makes you feel like you've been hit by a semi-trailer truck. It will end in tears, frustration and error after error.

I promise this will be the last green yarn for a while! In fact I am back to summer sewing after this. I have such a backlog of projects that were waiting on this being finished. I really do have to try to stick to my tagline of winter knitting and summer sewing.


  1. I really love that tee! It might feel 'meh' but it looks fab. The pattern is going into my queue for when my spring gets here!

  2. Start loving it because it really looks great. I really love the the colour and the pattern on you.. keep on with the green!

  3. I agree with the other commenters - most definitely not 'meh' at all. Loving your red sandals as well!

  4. I think you've done a great job! But I understand about the delayed gratification of knitting - the way I look at it is that knitting is for therapy, and if the finished item is not too crappy at the end then it's a win! Haha - but that reflects my skill level (just weaving in my Breton top now and thrilled that it's a bit less crappy than my first knit!). Also love the sandals, are they Saltwater?

  5. Nawww, thanks. It is a quick knit for most I think. I just couldn't get into the flow of things. I think it tool nearly as long as my Cape Cod and it's so much simpler in theory. What about a beginner sock pattern recommendation for me? ;)

  6. Thanks Kirsty. I have always loved green, but thought previously that it wasn't a good colour on me. You just gotta find the right green and that I have!

  7. Thanks Lexi. Loving my new red sandals too. I'm going with the theory they are so ugly they are trendy. Oh and comfortable too - they are sort of orthotic in the vein of Homypeds! Love them! Just gotta style them carefully.

  8. Knitting is such good therapy Sarah, I agree. The sandals are Worishofer from ModCloth. They are ugly trendy (made famous and desirable by the likes of Maggie Gyllenhaal) and ridiculously comfy. They actually have a cork wedge unlike my Saltwaters which are flat. Here's the link and be warned they sell out like crazy:

    Can't wait to see your Breton top!

  9. I would recommend A Nice Ribbed Sock by Glenna C - here's the Rav link: The instructions are nice and clear, and it's a fantastic 'vanilla' sock pattern but with a bit of rib to keep it interesting. Another one which you might prefer for summer are short sporty socks by The Purl Bee. Much quicker, as you get straight into the fun stuff rather than spending ages on the cuff:

    Enjoy! :-)

  10. Thank you! That ped sock looks just the ticket. I fear though that all those DPNs are going to do me in :)

  11. Thanks for the link!

  12. I really like it! But I find the simpler the knit, the more I wear it. But you're right, it takes soooo much longer than sewing!

  13. Thanks Julie! And of course as soon as it's finished summer finally hits Sydney and it's too hot to wear. Ah well, there's always autumn :)


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