Friday 13 December 2013

I think this will go down in history as my "fruit period". I never thought I had a thing for fruit fabrics until I had made both this and my "Feeling Fruity" dress. And in fact, this one came first, made exactly a year ago. A year! I was very remiss in blogging this, one of my most favourite makes.

This is my version of vintage Simplicity 6926, View 2 (dated 1977).

I thought I'd give that ruffle a bit of a miss. I love using vintage patterns, but try to avoid the cliches. I prefer to look for the modern in the classic or stereotypical patterns.

I adore this dress. It's so comfortable to wear and was a dream to make up. It's probably the closest I've ever gotten to a perfect fit.

I was sure the back button closure would become less crisp with repeated wearing, but it's still perfect.

And I am always a sucker for pockets, even if I don't really use them!

Made up in a cotton poplin vintage style print from Spotlight. This is one of those happy sewing moments where a fabric you have lusted after obsessed over quite taken a liking to suddenly appears on the clearance table. Yippee me!

Pattern changes/alterations:
  • Took in the bodice at the side seams starting with about one inch at the top and grading to zero at the waist. Somehow the bust fit is perfect, without an SBA!
  • Set my straps in independently of the pattern. I simply ignored the markings and inserted them according to the bra I knew I'd be wearing and the way it sat on my body.
Lessons learned:
  • Check the bodice for fit before attaching and understitching the facings. You do realise you'll have to undo the lot when you finally deign to fit it and realise it does in fact need altering, you goose.
  • Other than that, I love you Two Fruits!
Everytime I wear it it makes me want to do this...

Happy days...


  1. Oh I have that pattern too and have been trying to find the right fabric for it. I love your fruity fabric, very fun!

  2. It's beautiful and the green buttons are the BEST!

  3. Adore that fabric - the perfect little summer dress, and you so nailed the fit!

  4. This is just too cute! I love it and great photos to show it off :)

  5. Oh gosh, that pattern looks familiar from my teenage days! I think it's a nice, timeless sundress style, and your fabric is perfect for it! You look adorable!

  6. I used to love tinned two fruits as a child! Ahhhh nostalgia.

  7. Thanks Gail! Hope not too adorable for a 40 year old LOL?

  8. I made that dress as a teen waaaaaaay back in '77! It was my favorite. It was a ditsy print with pink and orange flowers on white with big hot pink buttons. :-)

  9. That's so funny Judy, I have had sooooo many people tell me they made it in the 70's as well! It must have been seriously popular. I actually purchased my pattern off Ebay, then received another from a friend's mother in a load of gifted patterns. I figured it must be pretty common when it cropped up in that batch. Love the idea of ditsy pink and orange flowers :)

  10. ahhh yours is so cute! great fabric selection! i like that you used contrasting green buttons too, i think im going to have to settle for plain self-covered buttons on mine

  11. Thanks Catherine. Can't wait to see yours!


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