Monday 13 November 2017

Meet Polly.

She's a style of dress I never thought I'd make or wear.

Yet here we are. And I rather like her.

This is vintage Vogue 9186 a Very Easy pattern (I can vouch for that). It's everything that was good about the 70's.

This pattern was gifted me amongst about 30 or so others by an old work colleague who sewed them when the patterns were new. I always loved the look of this dress, but being rather *ahem* flat-chested *ahem* I dispair of backless numbers. I can't go bra-less or I look phenomenally flat and don't have enough up top to hold up a strapless number (and that doesn't work with backless anyway).

But the pattern kept calling to me and leaping out of my stash anytime I ventured there. 

I originally intended to make this one out of a chambray, because denim. But I really gotta branch out. I live in denim and it's time for a change every now and then. This gorgeous floaty and soft fabric was a score at a local opp shop. Three metres for $3 making this an extraordinarily frugal make and relatively risk free if I decided backless was just too much work.

I'm sure it's a polyester as it doesn't wrinkle at all (perfect for squished clothes in summer holiday suitcases), and whilst I don't usually wear synthetics (except for swimwear and technical activewear) I adore how this fabric feels against the skin. Almost silky.

I made no modification to the pattern, sewing exactly as drafted. I did toile the bodice front to check where the darts oriented and bizarrely everything looked AOK. Given the blousey nature of the bodice I didn't do an SBA as the looseness works just fine.

Love the angled pockets and the just-on-the-knee length. Feels elegant and somewhat sophisticated and as I speed through my 40's I seem to be more and more attracted to that aesthetic.

So how did I resolve the bra situation? Lightweight, adhesive bra cups. We'll see how long they stay stuck, shall we? Humidity, I'm looking at you.

In the meantime, if you're looking for me, I'll be over here just hanging out all sultry and summer like.

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